What’s this newsletter all about?

Currently, this newsletter is the place where I reflect the thoughts, feelings, articles, podcasts, books, recipes, resources, and recommendations that are taking up space in my brain and would probably come up in conversation if we were chatting IRL.

To get an idea of the things I like to share, here’s a list of the things I always find myself clicking on:

  • Anything that makes my life feel more romantic

  • Zesty pop culture deep dives

  • Being cozy – teas, baths, candles, soups, sweatsuits, etc.

  • Hobby dabbling & course taking (knitting, ballet, French lessons, pottery, etc)

  • The great outdoors as a semi-outdoorsy person

  • Holy grail recipes that are delicious, easy, and don’t have a million ingredients

  • Seattle hotspots & happenings

  • Therapy insights

  • Organization tips, Notion templates, & productivity hacks

The nature and content of this newsletter will evolve as I do. Join to watch it unfold!

Who am I?

My name is Hannah and I’m a writer + community creator who lives in the PNW and has a weird desire to share the inner workings of my brain with the internet in hopes of finding people who think and/or feel similarly.

In particular, I LOVE to share the things I find that make my life both easier and more meaningful. If we went out to coffee, you’d most likely walk away with a new website to check out, person on IG to follow, or idea to try. Anything I learn, I try to give away. And this newsletter is a product of my passion to share (or blab, depending on how you look at it).

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I was homeschooled until high school.

  • I’ve taught yoga and practiced reiki, mediumship, and intuitive reading - but I don’t currently identify with any of those practices.

  • I fangirl for therapy.

  • I’ve had a million jobs and have worked in industries ranging from outdoor retail to fintech.

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Hannah Exner
Writer, entrepreneur, & person in process.